Stratford Kiwanis Garlic Festival

Garlic Farm Bus Tour - Stratford Kiwanis Garlic Festival

Tour a working garlic farm!

Hop on a bus for the short drive to August’s Harvest, a garlic farm sitting on 100 acres of picturesque farmland just north of Stratford which has been growing garlic commercially for more than 30 years. Learn from one of Ontario’s finest garlic growers about the planting, harvesting, packaging, and shipping of fresh garlic, and the processing of products such as: dehydrated, minced and pureed garlic.

Warren Ham, the garlic grower who co-founded the Stratford Kiwanis Garlic Festival in 2007, said that “by 2000, the acres of farmland used to produce garlic in Ontario had declined significantly – by 95% in just 3 years.” The need to raise awareness about the Ontario garlic industry was a key factor in founding the event. In 2018, Ham reported that “a dying industry just 15 years ago, garlic farming has experienced resurgence over the past decade in the province, particularly in Perth County” and that local comeback is closely related to the founding of the Stratford Kiwanis Garlic Festival.”

Now the Ontario garlic industry is facing another problem: the demand for locally-grown garlic has increased to the point where many more acres of garlic need to be cultivated in order to meet the demand. Local garlic has disappeared from grocery store shelves by January and is not available until the new crop is harvested in June.

August’s Harvest supplies grocery stores, food services, CSA food boxes and clean seeds for gardeners and farmers, as well as garlic feed supplements for racehorses and livestock farmers across North America.


The Stratford Kiwanis Club cares about our community and has worked tirelessly to provide a timely, world-class event that showcases and supports local agriculture. This support has been integral in raising awareness and building markets for garlic growers across Ontario. As our premier event grows, the funds raised from this effort allow us to continue to support the children in our community and provide leadership and funding on many wonderful, community-enriching projects.